Our Research

На 6 декември шестокласниците от групата Messages 3 с преподавател мис Вили, анкетираха случайни посетители на Панаира на книгата в НДК, като им зададоха 3 въпроса на английски език. Възрастните трябваше да разкажат какви книги харесват, колко често четат и дали си купуват книги или ги заемат от библиотеката. Отговорите също бяха на английски език. Това е прекрасно упражнение по комуникативност, което много помага да се преодолеят притесненията и психологическите бариери при общуването на чужд език.

Интересни резултати се получиха от Our Research: повечето от случайните анкетирани хора на Панаира на книгата обичат да четат fantasy и книги с историческа тематика. Почти всички четат всеки ден и едновременно си купуват книги и заемат от библиотеката.

Накрая минувачите бяха помолени да допишат следващото изречение в една история със заглавие “The Wooden Horse”, която предлагаме на вашето внимание.

The Wooden Horse

Once upon a time I was a little child. I wished for a bicycle for Christmas. But my mum bought me a wooden horse instead. I was really angry and disappointed. So I crossed my fingers, closed my eyes and wished with all my heart to have a real bike. When I opened my eyes there it was – a real and beautiful bike in front of me. I rode it every day and suddenly it became magical. It could fly!!! But I could ride it only during day time because at night it became a wooden horse again. So I decided to find a way to make my bike fly at night as well.

I started searching the net. This led me to a small old library at the end of a tiny street at the end of the town. I went there with my bike and I found a magical book with a spell that I needed to make my bike fly at night. But the spell was the wrong one and I released the spirit of a very evil witch coming from the book. She threw a spell at me and sent me to another dimension.

It was a world full of dragons, witches, evil wizards and frightful monsters. I was so afraid. I wished to be home again with my ordinary wooden horse that my dear mom had bought me for Christmas.

So I closed my eyes, crossed my fingers again and wished to be back at home….

There was a sudden flash of light and I woke up in my bed. I was so happy! It was just a dream! I looked round my room an there it was – my lovely wooden horse!